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The importance of perception and likeability in the age of social media.

It was Friday night (May 3rd to be exact) my skincare routine was done, and I was getting ready to put on my comfort Netflix show when things on social media took a turn. Drake dropped Family Matters and within what felt like all of 5 seconds Kendrick released Meet the Grahams. Both songs featured image tarnishing info about each other. What has escalated since then on social media has been absolute madness. Not Like Us was released and everyone on Tik Tok was stepping in the name of hate. Fans from both artists were going at each other and trying (keyword, trying) to dig up evidence to prove their fave right, even leading to the trending #metrogroomin after multiple questionable tweets of his resurfaced. 

In our industry, perception and numbers are very important. To break it down further, almost a week after the release of the diss tracks Kendrick Lamar’s overall  catalog saw an increase of 49% and Not Like Us had 21.1 million streams in its first three days of being released while Drake’s music saw a 4.9% decrease.  What has been made clear in this battle is Drake’s public perception at this very moment is probably at the lowest it's ever been.  Is this the end of an era? Do we think any of this beef will sway how we consume these artists' music in the future? My biggest takeaway, if you can make a viral song and dance, you have arguably won the public’s perception and their streams.

Written by: Gabrielle Telemaque


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