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Pioneered by Jessica Frédérique and Giovanna Pagano, CACHET specializes in public relations, digital marketing and event production. 
With clear goals and objectives, we pride ourselves in providing a stress free environment for our clients while providing the necessary skillset to attain their business growth goals in either of our three pillar services.  

With over 20 years of combined industry experience, we are passionate about translating our clients vision into successful campaigns, events, and overall reputable brands.

Jessica Frédérique


Jessica F is an entrepreneurial visionary who has event planning and public relations ingrained in her DNA. With the forever goal of launching her own agency, Jessica obtained her degree in event planning from LaSalle College and her Public Relations & Communications Management certificate at McGill all while working alongside professionals in various industries to take in as much knowledge as possible. By doing so, she quickly understood the do's and dont's in the world of communications.


With over 10 years in the industry, Jessica F has amassed a wealth of experience in various fields such as wedding planning, pharmaceutical marketing, corporate and social events as well as digital marketing. Starting Cachet Communications was a way for her to apply her learnings while integrating the need for diversity.

Giovanna Pagano


Giovanna is an accomplished social media and communications strategist with much of her background in fashion marketing. Her love for digital marketing and event planning developed quite early on and has been fortunate to garner her over 10 years of experience in key areas such as team leadership, national growth strategy developments, new structure implementations, influencer marketing campaigns, major brand event launches and press nights as well as international networking.


Acting as the brand/client for over 7 years has provided deep insight into her overall vision of what Cachet Communications must deliver as an agency. Her experiences bring to light what clients truly need in attaining their overall vision and objectives all while respecting company guidelines.


Travailler avec Cachet Communications, c’est avoir la tranquillité d’esprit. Nous avons retenu les services de l’agence pour la coordination logistique du pré-gala Dynastie et pour la gestion de l’arrière scène lors du Gala Dynastie. Leur professionnalisme, leur méthodologie et leur implication nous ont impressionnés. La confiance est un important facteur dans le domaine de l’événementiel. Par leur travail et leur passion, Jessica et Giovanna ont gagné toute notre confiance. On les recommande les yeux fermés.

Carla Beauvais - Directeur Général | Fondation Dynastie

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