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What Would Cachet Do?

If you haven’t heard about Aire Commune, let me summarize it for you. Aire Commune creates outdoor  spaces such as ilôts d’été coworking spaces and most notably the 5@7 at espace Louvain. 

The May 30th event hosted by the Vibe Benders seemed to be no different than the ones prior and it was reported they had over 4 000 + attendees. Less than a week later, the Aire Commune team announced the event would no longer be free and tickets had to be bought ahead of time to ensure entry. 

This announcement did not sit well with the audience as some felt this was a capitalistic move and the city was losing yet another free event. 

After seeing the announcement and how the situation was handled, our brains naturally went into crisis management mode and thought we’d play a game - What Would Cachet Do?: 

  1. Wait until next season to announce it would be a paying event. As more information has come to light, it’s been clear that this decision was one being contemplated for a while. However, due to the fact it was announced after the most well attended event, it felt a bit off.

  2. Beef up logistics (security, crowd control supervisors, etc.) 

  3. Targeted sponsorships (alcohol, financial, brands, etc.). The idea here is to reduce the cost of entry for event goers. As it stands, attendees will pay for entry, food and drinks inside of the space. With more targeted sponsors, it could be possible to potentially offer a free drink with ticket purchase or lower the cost of entry in general. Doing it this way, will lessen the blow of the sudden change.

All in all, we wish them a continued great season!

If you were in this position, what would you have done differently? 


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