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Everything Coachella

The last two weekends (April 11-13 & 18-20), I have been glued to everything Coachella. I’ve been loving the performances, the outfits, the different brand trips and most importantly: the activations. Activations allow brands the unique opportunity to be as creative as they wish and especially when it comes to major festivals like Coachella, they never disappoint. Personal faves: Pinterest “manifest station”, Camp Poosh, Aperol Terrazza and the Guess Jeans compound. 


As festival season approaches in Montreal, we’ll get to experience various activations throughout the summer. Our favorites from past years range from ones like Casa Bacardi at Osheaga with signature cocktails and Garage’s glow up bar to Playa PATRON during Grand Prix weekend. In the post pandemic era, activations have taken the center stage throughout most events. They give brands the opportunities to create authentic interpersonal connections with consumers allowing them to remain top of mind, and to curate an unforgettable experience for attendees. Mix that with top of the line content specialists and you have yourself the perfect marketing FOMO cocktail for those unable to attend!

Written by: Gabrielle Telemaque


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