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Feast & Fête Dinner Gala

Event Production

Feast & Fête Dinner Gala

Established in June 2011, BeLOUD has consistently championed a singular purpose:
Be LOUD about who and what you are. Be unapologetically you.
Throughout its evolution, BeLOUD has fostered an environment conducive to initiating crucial conversations and learning from their invaluable insights whether it is through their apparel line or their curated annual events.

Event Production

Plan and execute a festive and intimate event where guests can connect and exchange in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Guests arrived in the lobby of Château Classique where cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were waiting for them. As the doors of the hall opened at 6pm the guests were greeted by the sounds of DJ Magic Stan and DJ Jacko and soon after had the chance to discover invaluable networking opportunities while rubbing shoulders with industry leaders and like-minded individuals. Our distinguished guest speakers such as Petrona Joseph, Martine Musau Muele, Renel Jr. Tingue shared their remarkable journeys in an intimate setting, offering insight and wisdom that inspired the attendees. Ending the evening was a performance by Gaya and closing remarks from BELOUD founder, Johanne Belot.

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